Cooking time
A-la Ceasar Salad

Salad leaves

Cherry tomatoes

Cheese topping “Parmesan”

Parmesan cheese

Toast bread


Vegetable oil

Herbs de Provence (dry)
150 gr

2 bouquets

6-7 pieces

50 gr

20 gr

4 slices

1 clove

20 gr

2 gr
Follow easy steps
Clean the shrimps
and fry it with vegetable oil.
Wash the salad leaves and tear them with your hands, cut cherry tomatoes in half.
Cut the baguette into thin slices, lay it out in a baking tray, dribble vegetable oil on top, add herbes de Provence and some chopped garlic.
Then dry it in the oven until it gets crusty.
Lay out salad leaves on a plate, add cherry tomatoes, fried shrimp and baguette slices.
Pour cheese topping “Parmesan” on top.
A-la Ceasar salad is ready!
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