Cooking time
Mushroom Risotto
Carnaroli or
Arborio rice

Bulb onion


Fresh-frozen porcini mushrooms



Dry white wine


Olive oil


Parmesan cheese

Cream 20%

Cheese topping Top'n Taste

Truffle oil

Salt to taste

500 gr

100 gr

15 gr

200 gr

200 gr

5 gr

150 gr

50 gr

35 gr

1,5 l

50 gr

100 gr

150 gr

5 gr
Follow easy steps
Chop the onions and brown it with vegetable oil.
Add rice to the pan, stir it and fry for a few minutes, then add chopped garlic.
Add mushrooms to the same pan and fry it for 2-4 minutes while stirring.
Add white wine, thyme and give the wine 3-4 minutes to evaporate.
Grate cheese finely into a separate plate, add cream, cheese topping and stir.
Take risotto of the heat, knead out the cheese and cream mix and serve in a couple of minutes.
We recommend dribbling a bit of truffle oil on top of risotto and garnish it with greens.
Gradually add water in small doses, stirring and giving
water evaporate. We bring the rice to the state
al dente (it will take about 15 minutes).
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