Cooking time
Signature Top'n Taste Burger
1 piece

1 piece

50 gr

50 gr

15 gr

10 gr

1-2 pieces

10 ml
Hamburger roll

Beef chop



Cheese topping Top'n Taste

Red onion

Salad leaves

Vegetable oil
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Cut the hamburger roll in two.
Fry the chop on vegetable oil and cook it up in the oven.
Slice the tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and bulb onions, prepare the salad leaves.
Fry the burger roll on a dry pan on the side of the cut.
Arrange the burger: lay salad leaves, tomatoes, onion and beef chop on one part of the roll and pour cheese topping all over it. Put the other part of the roll on top. It’s ready!
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